Is it, as it is often called, 'Short Golf' or 'Par 3 Golf' or indeed 'Pitch and Putt Golf'? (as it is called in Catalonia, one of the strongest Pitch and Putt territories after Ireland.) Although it is an offshoot of golf it is a game that can very much stand on its own merits.

Played on a 9 or 18 hole course, a player may use two clubs, one of which must be a putter. Maximum distance from tee to green is 70 metres while an 18 hole course cannot exceed 1,000 metres. While these are the basic rules, of course, other rules also govern the game and these are available in the P.P.U.I. rule book.

Pitch and Putt was first played in Ireland in the mid to late 1930s. Cork and Dublin were the first areas to show a real interest but the game grew in strength and popularity so that in 1961 various representatives came together and formed the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland.

Adare Pitch & Putt course was established in 1991 and has been very popular with seasonal golfers improving their short game and beginners who are out for fun in the sun.

Pitch & Putt is the ideal past time for people of all ages and is popular with family groups. All are welcome to challenge this 18 hole course.